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Terracota & Stone Sealer
a water-based sealer that does'nt change the look or feel of the material
Before Sealing
Water penetrates the tile
After Sealing
Tile becomes permeable to liquid
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100% Satisfied Customers

Charles Howey
(verified owner) November 23, 2020
Great product. Did exactly what I wanted to the walk-in shower room.
(verified owner) January 25, 2021
Love this product. My quartz worktop was becoming dull and felt a little rough in texture. This spray worked really well, had left the work stop shiny and smooth!
Tim Forster
(verified owner) January 28, 2021
This is a great product. I wanted to use non-corrosive sealant for my kitchen floor grout. It didn't change the colour of the grout and also hasn't change the look of the tiles which in the past has been darkened by sealants. Follow the instructions as required.
(verified owner) January 25, 2021
Used on white grout in our kitchen, which has turned brown over time. As per instructions leave on for 10min and scrub. Worked really well, also dont have a strong chemical smell to it. Strongly reccomend
(verified owner) January 25, 2021
Fantastic cleaner, having used ones very harsh chemicals this worked well. Follow the instructions of using a dry cloth.
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