Polished Granite Sealer

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500ml – GoProtect Polished Granite Sealer 

“This Granite Sealer has been used in large hotel lobbies, commercial buildings and is now available for you.”

Part of our simple solutions range this easy to use spray gun can apply quick protection for any Polished Granite Surface 

This Polished Granite Protector is ideally suited for use on kitchen and work surfaces but can also be used on any granite surface whether internal or external.  

Technical Data Sheet

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Suitable in any environment. Internally this Polished Granite Protector will protect against water and moisture penetration, food and drink stainingExternally against bird fouling and vegetation, algae, lichen and moss growth. 

Fast-drying means that the surface is sealed within 2 hours but optimum performance is achieved after 2-3 days. 

This is a non-hazardous, waterborne polished granite sealer that is solvent and silicone-free. Fully biodegradable and invisible once dry. 

Coverage is 8-16 sqm per litre and has a 15-year guarantee. 

See Data Sheet for full application details and properties. 


Protects against:

  • Water and moisture penetration
  • Food and drink staining
  • Mild Acids and Alkali cleaners
  • Pollution & dirt contamination
  • Bird fouling
  • Vegetation, Algae, Lichen & Moss growth
  • A treated surface will remain moisture vapour permeable.


  • Invisible once dry
  • Vapour permeable (Sd value: 0.03)
  • Non-hazardous water borne product
  • Solvent and silicone-free
  • Fully biodegradable
  • UV-resistant
  • Colour: Colourless
  • Odour: Slight, soapy
  • Density: 1.0kgs/Ltr @ 25°C.
  • Consistency: Low viscosity liquid
  • Chemical resistance: Dilute acids & alkalis,
  • de-icing salts, water
  • Combustibility: Non-combustible


  • ‘Always test apply on a small hidden portion of the substrate’
  • Substrate Quality: Cracks must be repaired using a repair system.
  • Moisture content should be = or <5% to a depth of 1cm.
  • substrate Preparation: Clean, free from dust, dirt, oil, efflorescence, organic growth and old paint films.
  • After applying to surface immediately buff it dry with a soft clean cloth. Water repellence is evident after initial curing but may take up to 7 days to reach 100% efficiency
  • The product will not perform correctly if applied over non-absorbent surfaces.
  • Substrate Temperature: +5ºC <-> +30ºC.
  • Ambient Temperature: +5ºC <-> +30ºC.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Mandeep (verified owner)

    Love this product. My quartz worktop was becoming dull and felt a little rough in texture. This spray worked really well, had left the work stop shiny and smooth!

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