Intensive Tile Cleaner


Intensive Heavy Duty Cleaner

“An industrial-strength tile cleaner for your home or office. This has been used professionally for over 20 years and is now available for the consumer”

This cleaning agent is ideally suited for commercial use, where there is intensive/heavy traffic. It can be used on any hard surface in a work environment but may also be used around the home for a deep intensive clean, whether internal or external.

This hard surface cleaner is non-caustic and is suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces both internally and externally.

Coverage is 10-20 sqm per litre.

See Data Sheet for full application details and properties.



Product Description

  •  A powerful and effective degreasing cleaner.
  • Formulated with biodegradable components.
  • Always carry out a test on a small area first
  • Removes stubborn, greasy stains & soiling caused by either atmospheric or industrial pollution.
  • Particularly suitable for various indoor and outdoor horizontal substrates: floors, paved ground surfaces made of: concrete, cement, natural and artificial stone, terracotta, porcelain, tiling, stoneware, marble, etc.
  • Does not alter the appearance or aesthetics of surfaces being treated.

Advantages & Characteristics

  • Non-corrosive to most surfaces when used diluted.
  • Do not use neat on aluminium.
  • Water-borne product.
  • Does not alter surface being treated
  • Biodegradable.
  • Easy to use;
  • No need to pH neutralize after rinsing when used in its diluted state
  • Particularly suitable for horizontal surfaces.


  • Shake the container well before use
  • Always test apply on a small hidden portion of the substrate requiring treatment.
  • Use neat on heavy contaminated surfaces or diluted by adding 1 part product with up to 20 parts water depending on the staining to be removed:
    – Heavily soiled surfaces eg. Garage workshops – use neat
    – Worktops & kitchen floors – 1 part product + 5-10parts water
  • Use a low-pressure hand spray unit or brush and apply the product liberally.
  • Allow the product to act on surfaces for:
    – lightly soiled: 1-2 minutes
    – heavily soiled: 5-10 minutes
    – for deeply penetrating lubricating oil stains it may be necessary to apply the product twice allowing 10 minutes between applications.
  • Whilst the surface is still wet, thoroughly rinse external surfaces with a high-pressure water jet at 80-100 bar. For optimum results use hot water at around 80°C and vacuum up using a wet & dry vacuum.
  • Treated substrates do not need to be neutralised. (test)
  • To prevent future soiling, it is recommended to use a suitable protection treatment such as:
    GoProtect Terracotta and Stone Sealer.

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