Everyday Tile Cleaner


Everyday Tile Cleaner

This cleaning agent is ideally suited for around the home but can also be used on any hard tile surface in your home or work environment, whether internal or external.

This tile cleaner is non-caustic and is suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces both internally and externally.

Coverage is 10-20 sqm per litre.

See Data Sheet for full application details and properties.



Product Description

  • A general-purpose hard surface cleaner, containing surfactants and mild solvents that have been activated for ultimate performance.
  • Outperforms products that contain caustic soda which can damage a surface and cause future problems with adhesion & corrosion

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Contains NO caustic yet will clean and suspend dirt with ease.
  • Cleaner for removing:
o blueberry juice o fruit o lipstick o red beet juice
o butter o fruit juice o lubricating oil o shoe scuff marks
o coffee o grass o nicotine o vegetable fat
o concrete dye o grease o oil o white wine
o dead leaves o pollutants o pastel crayon o red wine
o diesel oil o jam o pencil marks o + many more
  • Paint preparation
  • Degreaser
  • PVC cleaner
  • Light graffiti cleaner
  • Remove grout blooms
  • Cleans paint spills & brushes
  • Garden furniture cleaner.
  • Path & driveway maintenance cleaner
  • Cladding
  • Cladding roofs


  • Shake the container well before use
o Light soiling: 1part + 35 of water Medium soiling: 1part + 20 of water o Heavy soiling: 1 part + 5 of water o Extreme soiling: 1part + 1 of water o As a daily cleaner: 1part + 40 of water
  • Apply evenly and generously. Do not allow treatment to dry out.
  • Leave until product penetrates the dirt & soiling (5-30 minutes).
  • Agitate with a firm bristle brush and rinse or wash down with clean water

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1L, 5L


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