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Intensive Tile Cleaner

A powerful and intensive tile cleaner for any hard surface.


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Product Description

  •  A powerful and effective degreasing cleaner.
  • Formulated with biodegradable components.
  • Always carry out a test on a small area first
  • Removes stubborn, greasy stains & soiling caused by either atmospheric or industrial pollution.
  • Particularly suitable for various indoor and outdoor horizontal substrates: floors, paved ground surfaces made of: concrete, cement, natural and artificial stone, terracotta, porcelain, tiling, stoneware, marble, etc.
  • Does not alter the appearance or aesthetics of surfaces being treated.

Advantages & Characteristics

  • Non-corrosive to most surfaces when used diluted.
  • Do not use neat on aluminium.
  • Water-borne product.
  • Does not alter surface being treated
  • Biodegradable.
  • Easy to use;
  • No need to pH neutralize after rinsing when used in its diluted state
  • Particularly suitable for horizontal surfaces.


  • Shake the container well before use
  • Always test apply on a small hidden portion of the substrate requiring treatment.
  • Use neat on heavy contaminated surfaces or diluted by adding 1 part product with up to 20 parts water depending on the staining to be removed:
    – Heavily soiled surfaces eg. Garage workshops – use neat
    – Worktops & kitchen floors – 1 part product + 5-10parts water
  • Use a low-pressure hand spray unit or brush and apply the product liberally.
  • Allow the product to act on surfaces for:
    – lightly soiled: 1-2 minutes
    – heavily soiled: 5-10 minutes
    – for deeply penetrating lubricating oil stains it may be necessary to apply the product twice allowing 10 minutes between applications.
  • Whilst the surface is still wet, thoroughly rinse external surfaces with a high-pressure water jet at 80-100 bar. For optimum results use hot water at around 80°C and vacuum up using a wet & dry vacuum.
  • Treated substrates do not need to be neutralised. (test)
  • To prevent future soiling, it is recommended to use a suitable protection treatment such as:
    GoProtect Terracotta and Stone Sealer.

Intensive Tile Cleaner Data Sheet


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