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Everyday Tile Cleaner

A general purpose hard-surface floor tile cleaner for everyday use.


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Product Description

  • A general-purpose hard surface cleaner, containing surfactants and mild solvents that have been activated for ultimate performance.
  • Outperforms products that contain caustic soda which can damage a surface and cause future problems with adhesion & corrosion

Advantages and Characteristics

  • Contains NO caustic yet will clean and suspend dirt with ease.
  • Cleaner for removing:
o blueberry juice o fruit o lipstick o red beet juice
o butter o fruit juice o lubricating oil o shoe scuff marks
o coffee o grass o nicotine o vegetable fat
o concrete dye o grease o oil o white wine
o dead leaves o pollutants o pastel crayon o red wine
o diesel oil o jam o pencil marks o + many more
  • Paint preparation
  • Degreaser
  • PVC cleaner
  • Light graffiti cleaner
  • Remove grout blooms
  • Cleans paint spills & brushes
  • Garden furniture cleaner.
  • Path & driveway maintenance cleaner
  • Cladding
  • Cladding roofs


  • Shake the container well before use
o Light soiling: 1part + 35 of water Medium soiling: 1part + 20 of water o Heavy soiling: 1 part + 5 of water o Extreme soiling: 1part + 1 of water o As a daily cleaner: 1part + 40 of water
  • Apply evenly and generously. Do not allow treatment to dry out.
  • Leave until product penetrates the dirt & soiling (5-30 minutes).
  • Agitate with a firm bristle brush and rinse or wash down with clean water

Everyday Tile Cleaner Data Sheet


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