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How to Seal Granite – application, guide and maintenance

There’s no doubt that granite is a beautiful desirable surface and if properly taken care of can last a long time without the need for much maintenance. Having said that, granite is not impermeable and water and other spillages will mark it if left unsealed. Using a polished granite sealer can not only give the granite a nice shine but protect it in the long run.

How to Seal Granite

In this article, we go over how to seal granite. There are many sealants on the market and when buying one for use, we always recommend using a small test surface to see how it works and that it doesn’t stain your granite. We believe a high-quality sealer is well worth it and will ultimately last much longer.

What’s really important in choosing a granite sealer is to find one that is penetrating, so that it goes below the surface of the stone. This will give you stronger, more lasting protection, rather than a sealant that sits on top like a thin layer. A penetrating sealer will also allow any water vapour to pass through and be breathable.

By sealing your granite worktop it will protect against:

  • water and moisture penetration
  • Food and rink staining
  • Mild acids and alkali cleaners
  • Bird or animal fouling
  • Moss, vegetation or algae growth

GoProtect Polish Granite Sealer

Polished Granite Cleaner

Our Granite sealer is Invisible once dry and a Non-hazardous waterborne product Solvent and silicone-free. It is also fully biodegradable and UV-resistant. 

How To Apply

In order to properly seal your countertop, you need it to be completely clean. So take your everyday cleaner (GoProtect has one available) and make sure it is then completely dry.

First, always test apply on a small hidden portion of the substrate to check its effectiveness (this should be done with any cleaner or sealer purchased). 

After applying to the surface with the spray immediately buff it dry with a soft clean cloth. Water repellence is evident after initial curing but may take up to 7 days to reach 100% efficiency. The product will not perform correctly if applied over non-absorbent surfaces.


The figures below are approximate and should be used only as a general guideline: 4-8 m² / 500 ml works well. 

EQUIPMENT CLEANING Immediately after you have finished, clean all your tools and equipment with water.

Once this is all done. The Sealer will keep your granite worktop lasting for years without any marks or water damage. 


You can buy our Granite sealer here. Or feel free to browse our other lines of products.

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