How to clean terracotta tiles

In this article, we go over how to clean terracotta tiles.

Terracotta has been used in flooring and walls for centuries now. Dating back to Greeks, where it was abundant and great for its practicality. Terracotta comes under the ceramic tile category and translates as “baked earth”.

how to clean terracotta tiles

Terracotta tiles usually come in different finishes; glazed and unglazed. They also come in a wide variety of colours too. below we go over how to clean them and the best way to maintain them.

A step-by-step method to cleaning and sealing.

To clean thoroughly clean the tiles can be a fairly arduous job, but this would be done only every so often and a quick clean and mop is usually enough.

Firstly vacuum the floor to get rid of any traces of dust, dirt and sand. Tidy the corners with a microfiber towel if possible. Then it’s best to clean the tiles with warm water, some mild detergent and a mop. Alternatively, you can use our maintenance cleaner which works specifically well for porous materials like terracotta and stone.

It is then best to let the floor dry before sealing (although this is not required with our sealer). Apply a liberal amount of our natural terracotta sealer. Please note, our sealer would only work on a surface where the sealant can penetrate the tile. We would also not advise to use it when another has been used recently. For best results sealing would be done prior to grouting. but if this is an already laid floor, it is still effective.

The best way to apply the sealant is using a clean and dirt free brush. Don’t be alarmed when the sealant penetrates the tile. this is expected. Alternatively use sray on using a spray gun bottle.

The way our sealant works is that it allows any porous floor to breath. Liquids cannot penetrate the surface of the tile by closing up the pores. However, any moisture or vapour from the subfloor or tiles can pass through. This is why the tiles can be sealed when wet and any old houses with a damp subfloor would work very well. This also means that a steam cleaner will also work when cleaning the tiles without damaging the seal.

Depending on wear and tear on the floor, most sealants will break down after two or three years due to dust, dirt, and also sand. However, our sealant last over 10 years on these surfaces.
Keeping your floor tidy will certainly lengthen the quantity of time between sealant applications.
Ultimately, clean your tile floor regularly with a mop and some light detergent. It is also best to clean up any spills immediately, especially if this hot oil.

Cleaning up ideas for Terracotta tile floor covering

Do not make use of acids, vinegar, ammonia include remedies as it may break down the sealant and also bad for the surface.
Take advantage of neutral cleaner particularly developed for clay surfaces.

These ideas would actively help your floor. terracotta or any porous material can be tough to maintain, but with modern-day sealers, this has become much easier than ever before.

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