Grout cleaner – what you should know and application

More often than not you will have a tiled bathroom, shower or floor somewhere in your house or at work. Because of the natural indent in the grout lines, grime and dirt get easily stuck in there. 

Grout is the hard cement in between the tiles. Below we go over a range of ideas to clean your grout

We often have white tiles in our bathroom or kitchen and as we all know these are notoriously dirty areas of our house. A grimey and dirty grout just make the tiles look a bit naff! If you are looking to restore your wall or floor to its natural look than below we g through exactly how you can do this. 

TIP: if you are moving house and looking to keep a deposit or selling your property, cleaning your grout lines is a great way to show off a clean bathroom or kitchen. 

Removing stubborn dirt doesn’t take too much effort but might require a little bit of elbow grease, nothing too strenuous. Although, if you use a good grout cleaner, this will become very easy. 

Below we go over two grout cleaner methods. Firstly a home remedy and secondly using our own GoProtect Grout Cleaner. 

Before cleaning the grout lines it’s a good idea to clean the tiles off with a sponge and some soapy water to get any easy bit off the tile and grout, you’ll be surprised how much better they already look!

Note as well, it’s important to use protective gloves and mask before cleaning the grout. Often times the grout cleaner may irritate your skin and otherwise. 

First method

GoProtect Grout Cleaner

For this, we are using our GoProtect Grout Cleaner (there are a number of good grout cleaners on the market, but there are also some really poor ones). This is specially designed to clean grout lines and make them sparkling white. Before using make sure you are wearing gloves as the cleaner can cause irritation to the skin. 

Spray on the grout cleaner from 10cm away and let this sit for about 10 minutes. After this use a brush or a j-cloth to clean away any stubborn marks. You’ll be surprised how easily the dirt and grime come off.

As you can see from the photo below this shows how it works. 

Second method

There are two ingredients you need for this is:

  • Bleach
  • Bi-carbonate of soda
  • small plastic cap/cup

Both regular bleach a bicarb are fine. Mix as you go.

Mix about 50% bleach and 50% bicarb of soda

Use an old toothbrush to mix and then use the old toothbrush to scrub away at the grout lines. You will be able to see 

Now leave that one for around 10 minutes. And then just wash this off with the shower or a damp cloth. 

However, the problem with this method is using this over and over again the bleach can corrode the grout slightly. 


We hope this article has helped you. As mentioned above grout lines can get a bit dirty and look especially dirty with white tiles. using a good grout cleaner or a home remedy is easy and repeatable.

if you have any further questions feel free to email us or leave a comment to see if we can help.

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