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Algae can be a common problem on patios, especially in damp or shady areas. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove algae from your patio: By following these steps, you should be able to effectively remove algae from your patio and prevent it from returning in the future.

Your home is your sanctuary, a place of comfort and relaxation. And nothing adds to the elegance and sophistication of your living space quite like granite countertops. Capable of withstanding the test of time, granite countertops are a timeless choice that adds a touch of luxury to any kitchen. However, maintaining granite marble in their […]

You may be lucky enough to own a majestic period home or have an old wooden floor that you are certain will look amazing with a bit of work. You may have come by a nice piece of vintage furniture that is covered with nasty and old paint that’s just begging for some tender love […]

If you’re like most people, you probably think of your home’s exterior brick walls as a necessary evil. You know that they need to be cleaned so that they don’t look dingy and stained, but you don’t really want to tackle the task yourself. Well, guess what? It’s actually not so hard—and it can be […]

Very often when purchasing a new tile floor, whether terracotta, encaustic, marble, or any other type of floor you will often have to seal. This is especially true for porous materials such as terracotta or certain stone. Sealing the floor protects it from any liquid, oil, or fat spills; this is expected to occur in […]

In this article, we go over how to clean terracotta tiles. Terracotta has been used in flooring and walls for centuries now. Dating back to Greeks, where it was abundant and great for its practicality. Terracotta comes under the ceramic tile category and translates as “baked earth”. Terracotta tiles usually come in different finishes; glazed […]

One of the questions we’ve been asked since we have started supplying our own terracotta and stone floors is about sealing natural stone. Most natural stone floors and walls need sealing, including limestone and granite. Customers often want advice on the best sealing methods and ways to keep a natural look. Below we go over […]

A large proportion of the UK has hard water. According to the scale guard professional over 60%! Even if your not in a hard water area you’ve probably had to deal with limescale before regardless.  Areas you may see limescale build-up: Taps Sinks Kettle  The boiler Washing machine Dishwasher A lot of these places use […]

More often than not you will have a tiled bathroom, shower or floor somewhere in your house or at work. Because of the natural indent in the grout lines, grime and dirt get easily stuck in there.  “Grout is the hard cement in between the tiles. Below we go over a range of ideas to […]

In this article, we are talking about sealing and waterproofing the grout in between your tiles. The grout is the cement-like liquid you fill between the gaps of your tiles. Often people think the grout is waterproof, however, it is usually quite coarse and porous. Water, oil and other liquids can penetrate it quite easily. […]


Wood Protector

A water-based and solvent free Wood Protector that penetrates the surface fibres rendering them water repellent and resistant to stains. From £25.00

Patio Cleaner

A cleaner that removes all forms of organic growth and dirt from Patio, Driveway & Hard Landscaping Ground Surfaces. From £14.25

Anti Slip Solution For Tiles

A solution that improves the slip resistance of tiles. Max coverage 30 m2/ litre. From £40.00

Salt Neutraliser

A powerful salt neutraliser that is safe and easy to use £17.50

Brick Cleaner

A non-acidic cleaner that removes dirt, soiling, and growth from brick walls and other vertical surfaces. From £14.25

water based paint remover

A Highly Effective & Versatile Remover of Paints, Varnishes, Wood Stains & Lacquers From £8.70

Moss & Algae Remover

An algae and moss remover suitable for all porous surfaces. Coverage 10-12m2 £12.00

Intensive Tile Cleaner

A powerful and intensive tile cleaner for any hard surface. From £15.00

Everyday Tile Cleaner

A general purpose hard-surface floor tile cleaner for everyday use. From £12.00

Enhancing Terracotta and Stone Sealer

A colour enhancing water based tile sealer that deepens the colour of your floor. From £30.00

Terracotta and Stone Sealer

A water-based floor sealer that doesn’t change the look or feel of the material. From £30.00

Limescale Remover

Designed to remove limescale without damaging the underlying substrate. £11.00

Hard Surface Cleaner

A quick cleaning agent for hard surface worktops. £8.95

Grout Cleaner

An industrial strength grout cleaner for your home and office £12.65

Polished Granite Sealer

A non-hazardous granite sealer that protects against moisture and water penetration. £27.00

Grout Sealer

A breathable, non-hazardous grout sealer that is invisible once dry. £12.00