How to clean terracotta tiles

In this article, we go over how to clean terracotta tiles. Terracotta has been used in flooring and walls for centuries now. Dating back to Greeks, where it was abundant and great for its practicality. Terracotta comes under the ceramic tile category and translates as “baked earth”. Terracotta tiles usually come in different finishes; glazed … Read more

How to Seal natural stone floors and walls

One of the questions we’ve been asked since we have started supplying our own terracotta and stone floors is about sealing natural stone. Most natural stone floors and walls need sealing, including limestone and granite. Customers often want advice on the best sealing methods and ways to keep a natural look. Below we go over … Read more

How to get rid of limescale

A large proportion of the UK has hard water. According to the scale guard professional over 60%! Even if your not in a hard water area you’ve probably had to deal with limescale before regardless.  Areas you may see limescale build-up: Taps Sinks Kettle  The boiler Washing machine Dishwasher A lot of these places use … Read more